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Media companies are considering joining streaming-only services, or launching their own like HBO and CBS, to attract young people who do not subscribe to traditional pay TV packages
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A cementbridge was carried off at Quinne-baug.
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Among the most destructive volcanoes in the region so far in history include Mauna Loa, Kilauea, Loihi, Hualalai, and Haleakala
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I wasn’t winning games for the team and at this point of the year it’s what is best for the team.
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“My complaint, as I mentioned (Saturday), is that they don’t hit in the minor leagues, and that makes no sense to me.”
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Romo was knocked out of the game in the third quarter when Jordan Hicks sacked him
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“As people go to the polls for the third time in 2015, the fatigue of the election is evident
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We took a lesson from legendary knife maker Bob Kramer to learn his technique:
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"Physically, he has such focus and he understands his body
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Some 14% said multiple abusers were involved.
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Not only is Monday’s game on the road, but it comes against Luck, the young superstar quarterback
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David Wright is in the two spot, and Juan Uribe is playing second base and batting cleanup.
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Besides microcontrollers, Atmel also has touch-screen andencryption technology that attracted Dialog, he said
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We were taught about World War I and the Cold War in a way that scorned the idealism of all sides
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"It's hard for me to get it, because I am, at heart, the old-school guy," Collins said
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"This is not the right way to do it."
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"The Russian presence will change the nature of the battle
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A Syrian Love Story follows two married activists, Amer Daoud and Raghda Hasan, and their children over a five-year period.
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Esther Adler-O'Keefe, the assistant principal for Southampton High School, is seen in the opening scene of J.R.'s song "Best Friend," which features the "Bottoms Up" singer Trey Songz.
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She did lots of studies on the Guevedoces (including what must have been rather painful biopsies of their testicles) before finally unravelling the mystery of what was going on.
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Pope Francis, who played a key role in the rapprochement between Havana and Washington, arrived in Havana a day later
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A diplomat told the BBC that when he arrived at the Kismayo airport in Somalia, travellers had to wait under an '"arrivals tree" instead of an indoor lounge
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There are many ways to do this and a good trainer or literature search on the Internet will help you find a proprioceptive program that will suit your needs.
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Giants left tackle Ereck Flowers went out with a sprained left ankle in the second half
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Erik Lamela steps up and curls a left-footed shot that McCarthy has to touch over
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It will be interesting to see if she becomes a playable character in the game, though that seems doubtful.
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“I view the next appropriate step as gradually raising interest rates, most likely starting sometime later this year,”Williams said on Sept
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Labour's shadow housing minister John Healey said: "Ministers making big promises about homes in the future won't wash any more
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Smith’smovie,“Concussion,” is slated for launch in December.
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Minter then ran out of the church.
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A Google restructuring will house the tech giant under a new holding company called Alphabet..
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Spanish conservative paperLa Razon reprinted Charlie's October cover on its front page, inwhich Mohammad is seen on his knees at knife point, andheadlined the cartoon with "We are all Charlie Hebdo".
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"I think that what Trump is doing is appealing to the baser instincts among us, xenophobia and, frankly, racism," he said
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Other attackers may copy that approach, which is hard to defend against, he said.
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The memo cites several studies that say vapor exhaled from electronic cigarettes contain nicotine at a level roughly one-tenth of that found in secondhand smoke
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By twilight, the vessels were near enough and Bhatt, the captain, called the fishing boat on the radio: "My humble request," he said, according to a video made by the crew
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HILLARY CLINTON: Well, look, I've said that I didn't make the best choice
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During the same period in the prior year, the company earned $0.58 earnings per share