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In these cases, the probabilities were calculated as weighted averages of the probabilities of automation for each US occupation within the group.
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Chan told Mufunda and other senior officials that only a tiny fraction of needed cash was being released and that the problem had festered for four months.
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The crowd of 35,753 at Legion Field was the largest to see a standalone U.S
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Martin's books about blood-thirsty noblesand warring kingdoms, despite its 20 million viewers in theUnited States
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United States Park Rangers walk through the newly opened Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, September 9, 2015
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If his arm strength, mobility and toughness weren’t enough to induce migraines, his eye discipline is something to behold
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"We don't think that playing a corrupt game is going to bring change and make black lives matter."
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Away from the canvas, he proved equally idiosyncratic in his pronouncements on everything from Palestine to pornography
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“I don’t know what happened there.”
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After a brief interchange of possession,McCaw is penalised for going in the side for the first time in the tournament
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Especially if you can link these to your chosen course.
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And today, of course, more treatments are offered to all cancer patients
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On thevideo someone on the fishing boat radioed to say that if theCaprice could not take the passengers to Italy, the ship shouldgive them food and water and let them continue on their way.
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The situation has inevitably left many feeling battered and bruised by their politicians and the political process
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Suu Kyi will take her campaign straight to the camp of a close presidential ally on Thursday as she tours the country ahead of Myanmar's first general election since the end of military rule
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Its subsidiary Kayak, a so-called "meta-search" engine that takes listings from other search tools on the web, currently shows customers hotel and flight listings for Cuba.
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Where is that going to take us? I don’t know.”
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The Pumas put up a decent fight last time they met the All Blacks, remember, in the Rugby Championship earlier this year
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Injury prevention is a very interesting question
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While the average is up, Choo knows he can still do more
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On her first match point, the 21-year-old German chased down everything before Ostapenko hit another ball into the tramlines
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The second reason: I wanted to see how easy it was to make a Mario level
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The first Hunter painting was given to her in the late 1950s by an African-American during her stint at Confederate
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Westwood has embraced diverse causes in recent years, campaigning to raise awareness for climate change and the release of WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange
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Since Abdul Fattah al-Sisi was appointed president in 2014 there has been a harsh crackdown on border traffic
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Though the project is being formally announced Monday, developers have been testing it for two years and have identified a list of the countries most at risk of mass killings
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Pope Francis is a different kind of world leader, and that's prompted some unusual directives for the members who will attend.
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For example, they were 54% more likely to have a larger than average baby and they were 156% more likely to have pre-eclampsia the second time around.
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Nobody is saying we are going to finish fourth
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A forward pass from Wales relieves the pressure.
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It dropped $1.66 the previous session to $48.23.
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Volkswagen could face civil penalties of $37,500 for each vehicle not in compliance with federal clean air rules
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Dunn, who led the NWSL with 15 goals for the Washington Spirit, was among the final players cut from the World Cup team.
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gold mines and projects: Bald Mountain, Round Mountain, Spring Valley, Ruby Hill, Hilltop and Golden Sunlight assets.
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"We have a problem in this country
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Luck’s ability to scan one portion of the field quickly to decipher the entire post-snap coverage scheme is perhaps the most overlooked part of his repertoire
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But our fear is that if he goes out there on Wednesday, he could hurt it worse
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The Americans pushed their home unbeaten streak to 100 matches, going to 88-0-12
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Up until the age of 15 there's no discernible difference between the children
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As if it wasn’t bad enough cooking turkey and sprouts, now the whole world has an opinion on food preparation, ingredients and, of course, baking
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"I was shocked and amazed that they took this position," Emery said
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Otherssuch as shipping group Hapag-Lloyd and construction materialsgroup Xella are expected to followsuit.
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The Westport, CT-basedfirm registered compound annual growth in sales over the pastfive years in China by focusing on segments that are stillgrowing, said Lousberg.
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But that's not for lack of trying, Lombardi said
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“Do not neglect them (others) for plans which can be seductive, but are unconcerned about the face of the person beside you.”
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For us, to win this game, close it out like we did, was beautiful."
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This determines a person's level of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
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Of course a general flexibility program of these muscles plus the ITB keeps these muscles working efficiently
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What happened, you may be wondering
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My gun's been in the pawn shop the last two months
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