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1, about 1.8 million customers have renewed their plans
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And let's not think too hard about the many other times we've said that
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I shouldn't have turned them down either but Bond, I was wrong," he said
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Gustavo Ramirez, Marquez’s stepfather, was stunned to learn that guns purchased by his stepson were used in the tragic attack.
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You can tether enemies, tanks, helicopters or anything to anything else around the map, including the aforementioned destructible objects
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The BBC said it would undertake a major technical overhaul of the iPlayer to ensure licence fee payers can log in to watch programmes while non-licence fee payers remain excluded
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"Pregnant women could benefit from early intervention to improve their physical and mental health and reduce the risks associated with sedentary behaviour
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Orbital flight controllers, based at company headquarters in Dulles, Virginia, applauded and shook hands once the Cygnus made contact with the space station Wednesday morning
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At Wright's rented home, a modest brick house in the leafymiddle class suburb of Gordon, three police workers wearingwhite gloves could be seen searching the garage, which containedgym equipment.
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“When content is reported to us, it is reviewed by a highly trained global team with expertise in dozens of languages
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“Such behaviour is abhorrent to me and had this been brought to my attention, I would have taken immediate action to investigate,” he added.
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Its large conical teeth and its jaws were much more robustly built than today's sperm whales, indicating Albicetus was more vicious.
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The target group was defined as likely to need special education, with "likely" defined as 95 percent of that group entering special education in kindergarten
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I couldn't keep up with my peers
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Again, no reply, no acknowledgment.
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"Women over 40 represent the fastest growing population of patients seeking ART in our clinic, with numbers increasing dramatically from 17 years ago
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This was the first time that as many as eight of the 10voting members of the council testified before the House ofRepresentatives committee
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There are quite a lot of companies sending expats to Mexico to work in the technology, oil and transport industries, but the school will be open to all comers.”
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Rita smiles as she remembers better times, when her father used to take her to the supermarket to buy crisps and apple juice
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It's people straying away, it's people not understanding where salvation comes from
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"Typical coverage provides protection for life, disability and/or involuntary unemployment that helps pay debts
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Bonomo admitted while he hired Adam out of a desire to help him out, he was also hoping it would get him some good will from Sen
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“Limiting demand is vital, but it’s only half of the equation.”
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Steve Watts' youthful memories are are a blur of pixels, princesses, castles, and Mega Busters
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It's a threat they have long feared
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The issue more than anything is the lack of confidence when it comes to giving over your card details
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I’m not saying he isn’t a really good player
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No decisions on the funding provided to maintain teacher numbers will be taken before the budget statement next week.”
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The bulky fossils of its skull, jaws and teeth were first described in 1925 by Smithsonian paleontologist Remington Kellogg but had not been carefully examined since
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The move follows customer feedback that Oscar Munoz, chief executive of parent United Continental Holdings Inc, solicited when he took the top job at the second-largest U.S
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The government says climate change is likely to raise food prices
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But other parts of the story don’t add up
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The steepest decline is by 3.5 per cent in Argyll and Bute.
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If an exchange has sloppy security, or if a person's electronic wallet is compromised, then the money can easily be stolen
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3, investigators contacted Barnea’s brother Dany Barnea, who also refused to provide a statement about the incident
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A total of 17 arrests were made as part of that operation.
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But the fact they are closed shows he is confident they will be inspired by him without him actually having to talk to them
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Trump's campaign did not respond to questions about his reputation and business dealings in the Middle East.
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However, they did not investigate this.
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He said he constantly has a niggling fear over whether the virus could still be inside him and whether he could pose a threat to others.
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To encourage energy generation through cleaner sources and to fund renewable energy projects, we have introduced tax-free infrastructure bonds of $794 million for the year 2015-16
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A knife edge Labour won the seat with 62% of all votes; that is, nearly twice as much as all the votes for other parties put together
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Sports are often looked to in this symbolic way, narratives crafted about how much a win for so-and-so team would mean to a beleaguered city
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An outline provided to The Associated Press by the Carson campaign provided little detail and no estimates of costs and coverage.