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Isn't that a thing of beauty A Reddit user called mmcarrot90 is to thank for it
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Bayern Munich have already won Group F, with Olympiakos unable to overtake them due to a 7-0 aggregate scoreline between the teams
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Based on the Independent’s most recent published traffic statistics, which cover October, fewer than 5,000 people a day are likely to have visited the site.
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Farook had graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with a degree in environmental health in 2010
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Again, this is Watt's fifth season in the NFL.
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Northampton remain hopeful that he will return before long but unlike a torn hamstring, a damaged brain is impossible to fully diagnose and therefore apply a definitive comeback date
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Sources estimated the size of a potential transaction at between 800 million and 1 billion Swiss francs, though BTG Pactual may hold out for a higher amount.
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What do you see Most likely a television, a sofa and a dining table; perhaps some 3D printed family portraiture, and almost certainly a blinking, ever-present Wi-Fi router amidst a tangle of wires
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That’s a relative bargain when placed next to the smaller, more expensive, and similarly-equipped Evoque, but this is a much different buyer that Land Rover is going after.
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The grim realities of life ‘up North’ were about to come crashing down onto Corbyn’s hippy head, sending his naive dreams scattering into a puddle along with his crown of flowers.
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On Tuesday, it was unclear if the restaurant’s management knew that a sick employee was handling food.
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Youth unemployment is sky-high and there is nothing for us to do
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Attorney Robert Capers said Burke influenced officers in his department to lie about what happened inside the police station
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During this holiday season, we can't think of anything more festive than a pair of red plaid pants.
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The project to move up to 360,000 barrels per day via rail to the Port of Vancouver would be the biggest oil-by-rail project in the United States.
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Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Economy Minister Eluned Parrott said: “The Welsh Government must do more to ensure that they encourage the economy to grow
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Do the Browns expect this kid to be Mr
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“Rob has been a part of so many iconic films and has created so many indelible roles,” he says
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In SA, awareness among institutional investors is growing, as pension fund regulation, media attention and COP21 point to the urgent need to mitigate risks in their equity
"More than one-quarter of patients in our study reported symptoms of depression after their heart attack, which shows this is a big issue
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If anyone during his boarding process thought the man was in violation of your baggage procedure, they could have, should have highlighted this before he boarded.
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The proposed laws - agreed by MEPs and ministers from the 28 EU countries - will also apply to some tech firms
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As well as nine killed, another was injured
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Everyone needs a chance and if she's a good player, then I think it's great she's here
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Xbox One sales are beginning to really turn now
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An engineer works on Surena 3 humanoid robot (R) next to Surena 2 robot, in a lab at Tehran University, Iran, December 6, 2015
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The government imposed a moratorium in 2002 on all new industrial logging licenses but campaign group Global Witness says the national laws are systematically violated.
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"This is the world's first litter of puppies ever born through IVF
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He told detectives: "I am totally innocent of any involvement in this burglary in Hatton Garden
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This lets the game throw wave after wave of soldiers, armored mercs, tanks, helicopters, and anti-air batteries after you without overwhelming you
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My biggest wish more than anything is for us to be home together
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The fossil whale is about 6m long - much smaller than modern sperm whales which can reach 16m in length
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But I’ve never stopped playing guitar
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"We asked women to come forward and break the silence
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A change of environment, coupled with exposure to colds and viruses, means that children are exposed to more asthma triggers," explained ASI chief executive, Sharon Cosgrove.
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Management says the end of the year
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“Many Islamic radicals are not economically dispossessed, are often better educated than their peers, and quite a few went to university,” Oxford says.
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You'll need to keep moving to stay alive.
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Many of the people contacted were teenagers, still living at home
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Even the rolling annual average price, at less than $55, has halved in just 18 months and continues to slide.
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If more washes up than washes away, the atolls grow, and Kiribati will rise with the tide
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The injuries she sustained were horrific, with one paramedic stating that it was the worst scene they had ever come across.
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Lynch in Washington; additionalreporting by Bill Berkrot in New York)
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It cited what it claims is "overcapacity" on routes to the region following the expansion of Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, which now serve a dozen U.S
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Keep it clean, though, not so long ago I got an email calling me a ****