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The school was hit hard by the tragedy — five of the victims and one of the shooters, Syed Farook, were alumni.

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13 used encryption, but he did acknowledge -- as he has in the past -- that there is no doubt that encryption is part of terrorists' tradecraft, especially ISIS.

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Step into the parlor where Anthony was arrested after daring to vote in 1872

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Abortion is not a first-choice decision for any woman I know, but sometimes it makes the best of a bad situation for everyone.

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Deborah Coles, director of the charity Inquest, which has represented Connor's family, said: "This report should send shock waves across the NHS

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His instrument of choice was the guitar, and although he taught classical style, we knew he was devastatingly good at contemporary stuff

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Just about everyone who studies polls and elections is convinced that Donald Trump is extremely unlikely to win the Republican Party nomination, even though he's led solidly for close to six months

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He did not mention Trump by name

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We will give 99% of our Facebook shares - currently about $45bn - during our lives to join many others in improving this world."

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(Supporting adaptation tends to be costly—think higher sea walls and tougher bridges—while investing in renewable energy can be profitable).

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While there is no definitive accounting of his net worth,the outputs from his decision to build up a developmentorganization are clearly more than financial

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Speaking over the phone from Kabul, U.S

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In a case that is separate from its scandal over cheating on U.S

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were moved to safe locations and the school is currently closed," the statement said.

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His oil on canvas, Salt in Tea is inspired by a two year artist residency project at the bespoke umbrella and walking stick manufacturer James Smith & Sons, London

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She knew perfectly well that she was getting cheered simply for not being Jeremy Corbyn

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is how ethnic cleansing and apartheid begin

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Gobla also worked with the EPA during its response to the accident.

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Army veteran and a stay-at-home mother of two who happened to be in the clinic's waiting area as well as a policeman from a nearby university who joined local law enforcement in rushing to the scene

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It's a shame the parents felt that they did not have adequate support to have their third child

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KEEPING SCORE: The Dow Jones industrial average slipped 107 points, or 0.6 percent, to 17,460 as of 1:15 p.m

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Arsenal pass the ball around their defenders until the the back four makes it to the half way line, then release Campbell down the left but he is well looked after by Elabdellaoui.

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For two years in the mid-90s I conducted research in the Mosquitia region of Honduras (the Mosquito Coast) and made visits there through 2002

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Forbes has made the estimates based on industry information as well as interviews with managers and agents, along with data given by the artists themselves

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US Weekly's source also says that one "Fuller House" episode will have characters prank-call Michelle saying, "You got it, dude" -- Michelle's catchphrase from "Full House."

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Sarkozy denounced Le Pen, but also copied her tough proposals on crime, immigration and an end to the Schengen open border system.

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He and his colleagues have looked for answers

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I have seen firsthand the disastrous consequences that drug interdiction policies can have

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It was the lowest on record by TSI since it began collecting data in 2008.

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Blood vessels in the brain have specific properties that regulate what gets in and out of the brain

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Earlier this year the Airports Commission chaired by Sir Howard Davies backed the idea of building a new third runway at Heathrow, though it didn't rule out the option of expanding Gatwick

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This left me isolated and afraid

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Dawn is currently spiraling into its closest approach phase, a low-altitude mapping orbit (LAMO) that will position the spacecraft at a distance of 230 miles (370 km) above Ceres’ surface

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That's why the government set up the Libraries Task Force to help them improve things like digital access and e-lending," the spokesperson said.

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Within months he had written the first script of The Fighting Tigers - the original title of Dad's Army.

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I was 25 when I had a termination

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