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buyout group 8.95 million new shares, it said on Wednesday, making the deal worth about 465 million euros ($507.83 million) based on Tuesday's closing share price of 51.94 euros.
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The loss of these unique and irreplaceable habitats increases climate change, helping to fuel the global deforestation that contributes up to 20 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions
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After more than a decade of standard therapies, the patient's cancer was found to have progressed in 2010
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Lenovo would popularize the bending YOGA hinge
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His bill says Puerto Rico would have access to the same Chapter 9 bankruptcy process that U.S
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Symptoms are alleviated by medication that is usually delivered through inhaler devices.
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"I got messages asking me to stay away
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She came to hear Mr Trump out, not to support him
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Sunderland Echo provides news, events and sport features from the Sunderland area
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Those who retire earlier would receive a lower pension, but it is not yet clear by how much
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If peoplearen't buying what you're selling,you are going nowhere, media or no media.
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It’s a pretty chaotic scene out there right now at least on the Republican side
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Earlier, the Turkish military said it has carried out aerial raids on suspected Kurdish rebel sites in a new cross-border offensive in northern Iraq
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They assessed 26 trials involving almost 1,500 people
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After so many years and so much effort and energy, we had finally finished.
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Bernie just does what he thinks and then you are attracted by it," she said
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It's good, but I hope the injured players come back soon."
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He is in phenomenal shape and has not shown one physical sign of decline
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Rather he was looking, he said, to project an aura of tranquillity.
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"Our pharmacy cannot acquire the drug from the WalgreensSpecialty Pharmacy due to restrictions in the sale ofmedications from one pharmacy to another," he said
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But John Reed, British Poultry Council chairman, said the sector was already taking considerable action
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Jones then stole Zabel's iPod, prosecutors said.
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The arrival of additional Turkish forces last week, however, sparked uproar in the Iraqi capital.
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“I never thought we would become refugees but when my sister in law was killed in one of the bombings we knew we had to leave Syria,” she says
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"What was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for
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None of this means the Cornell work won’t be controversial
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The new bandage is based on the stretchable hydrogel keeping in line with the body’s natural movements.
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Chubb said the changes were made in response to “extensive research” about the type of protection its wealthy customers wanted
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A surfer drops in on a large wave at Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal, November 29, 2015
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At the other end, more than two and a half times as many people are classed as being in the precariat - with "precarious" everyday lives
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There is a suggestion that she may once have been thought to be allergic to grass but there is still a lot that could be done.”
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"My collaboration with him on Krol Roger was one of the most fruitful experiences I have had during my time at this theatre
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It fell 1.4 percent in the previous sessionto its lowest level in nearly a month.
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What Belichick chose not to mention is that the last time the Patriots played Houston, they kept Watt in check and he did not have any kind of major impact on the scheme
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Bloomington police said, after executing a search warrant, that they had discovered a small amount of a substance that tested positive as cocaine in the bedroom where Weiland was located
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But I can’t even imagine or hope when this war is going to end.”
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Under the Representation of the People’s Act 1983, the election court’s decision is final and can only be challenged by either side taking the issue to a judicial review
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“The airport has been closed for all civil flights since yesterday,” Sherzai said by phone from Kandahar
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Last year's Costa Concordia accident caused bookings in Italy to plummet, especially scaring away first-time cruisers, he said.
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The best part A whole bunch of these titles can be demoed directly in your browser with two minutes of playtime for eachone
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Are they going to cut him if a video of him having fun at a Christmas party gets out Namath would have never survived this kind of scrutiny
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Based on these results, a larger clinical trial to determine the benefits is warranted."
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Then I have a break and practice until 2am
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You see the underground first, then the rest."
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According to Zillow, median home values for the cityrecovered modestly to $39,800 in October from a low of $37,300in 2012, but still well below $79,500 in December 2005
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