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We can see the impact in primary care and within hospitals

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“It was better that VW came out and announced a big number first and then revised it down than had a regulator reveal further problems,” he said

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To date, on behalf of our clients, we have invested over R12.5 billion in renewable energy, R1.2 billion in education, R9.1 billion in housing, and R1.5 billion in sustainable agriculture.

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They have shown a lot of courage and dignity throughout the investigation and the trial and this has been a very difficult experience for them."

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Google in past years has begun to expand beyond its hometurf of Internet search and advertising, seeking to extend itstechnological dominance to fields as diverse as self-drivingcars and robotics.

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"We have no idea what he said because those messages were encrypted," Comey said

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One option favored by developing nations says "financial resources shall be scaled up from a floor of $100 billion per year" beyond 2020

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For example, here is the start of a press notice Ladbrokes sent me last month.

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The 42mm stainless steel case with Milanese loop, which was previously priced at $699, now sells for $599.

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Since then sales have fallen from $4.5bn to $4.4bn in 2014, with a lower figure expected for this year.

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Telegraph readers are a clever lot, I seem to have received an email without actually divulging my email address

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"You can pay up to $1,000 for handmade shoes and we're making ours for between $150 and $250," said Mrs Beard

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AB InBev has purchased distributors, forcing the craft beers they sold to go elsewhere, said Bob Pease, head of craft industry trade group Brewers Association.

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He did not say what changes were being considered.

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The description of harsh rule by Islamic State fighters could also indicate disquiet among Sunni Muslim residents, some of whom switched sides to help U.S

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The yen wasalso firmer against the dollar at 122.69 yen, pushing thedollar index against a basket of currencies down 0.3 percent to98.161.

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NASA is paying billions of dollars to Orbital and SpaceX to stock the space station

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For example, one large study from Israel carried out in 2006 found that two in three people thought that dementia was a normal part of aging.

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This resulted in a total of over $75 million in discharged loans, an amount thatis passed on to federal taxpayers if not collected from Corinthian.

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More importantly, Anstead points out, this is the first time since March 2014 that the three-month rolling average has fallen into negative territory.

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The following summer, a second campus will open in Interlomas for four to 18 year olds

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"However, the statistics also highlight that teacher numbers have fallen in a number of local authority areas, in breach of those individual agreements

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Craft was 11 percent of the U.S

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The challenge to the bill in terms of democracy and human rights in Scotland will encourage our members across the country.

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They feature 20 USB ports for phone cables, can be linked in groups of three, and are recharged using generators or solar panels.

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“When seconds count, the cops are minutes away.”

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gained more than 150,000 signatures — but a politician rejected the measure, saying the best way to deal with the U.S

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Speaking to the Telegraph, Prof Claxton warned that: "Every year, Childline gets calls from hundreds of thousands of youngsters who are at their wits end as high stakes examinations loom

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Red Mountain is on private property and the ranch owners only offered a single day to us to ski it

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The Bataclan attackers, who carried automatic weapons and wore suicide vests, were responsible for the worst of the carnage.

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Nothing against Watt, I just don’t think he has had the same level of impact on the game.

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The company also said it expects a $200 million railport project in Washington state to be finished in late 2017

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The figures areone-year rolling averages.

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15-16, when the Fedis widely expected to start raising interest rates.

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No principles, no distinct policies, nothing but servile, forelock-tugging on their knees to the political masters in London who hold them in utter contempt.

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"He provided reassurance that every effort will be made to make sure these game are organized without any major impact coming from the current economic situation."

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Before the talks opened on Wednesday, Ahrar al-Sham complained that some delegates were "closer to ..

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He will continue his role as Chairman and CEO for many, many years

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There are a ton of gifts at varying price points like accessories, active wear, DVDs, classes, T-shirts and more.

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According to affidavits filed in support of Rubin's Medal of Honor nomination, fellow soldiers said their sergeant was an anti-Semite who frequently put Rubin in the most dangerous situations.