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Alpha describes itself as an opportunity to explore the meaning of life.

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That would be very unfortunate."

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Following the resignation of Danny Kennedy, the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) has clarified that it has no intention of taking its old department.

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Its reception is good news for "The Walk," the Sony film about tightrope walker Philippe Petit, which is employing a similar Imax and premium format debut as a way to generate buzz.

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Senate and House of Representatives, said in a statement the proposal lacked "a concrete and foolproof plan to ensure that terrorists won't be able to enter the country."

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An official investigation last year found 50,000 "ghost soldiers" on the army's books

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“We need to go play well there

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"It's my right to choose which school I want my children to go to, and it's our right to have those schools..

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“Even offensively we have more threats right now

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“Much banking is internationally mobile; banks have made a choice to invest in the UK and face competition from those outside the UK

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“As a groundbreaking innovation, we will roll out a powerful terrestrial network based on LTE within the European Aviation Network

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The Giants have been playing football since 1925

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The audience award for the Midnight Madness section went to Ilya Naishuller's "Hardcore," a kinetic Russian action movie shot on GoPro cameras

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“We gave him too much to do today,” said Paul Hartley, the Dundee manager.

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Greece's stock market edged down 0.4 percent after theleftist Syriza party's election victory, with yields ongovernment paper edged lower

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And it's going to be fantastic when we do."

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Peterson also fumbled in the fourth quarter, on another hit by Ihedigbo, but recovered himself.

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Capitol in Washington September 9, 2015

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As it is often said, the same cause produces the same result: no apps, nobody using it, no devs” no apps

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He began a rehab assignment in the rookie-level Arizona League on June 27 but was shut down after two games

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"Undoubtedly in some cases there was bureaucracy," he said

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For weeks we have heard about the immense and necessary precautions that will be taken to keep the Pope safe when he is a guest in our city

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Plus, if there was ever a time for an unapologetically statement gown, the Emmy Awards is it

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They assessed the women for problems with fertility, irregularities with menstruation and adverse childhood experiences.

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When should you stretch is a very important question to answer

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Turkey stopped hundreds of people, mainly Syrians, from traveling towards its land border with Greece, a possible new front in the migrant crisis

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