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Gasoline stations that accept credit cards have until 2017 to make the change.


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This is the only way we are going to meet the twin challenge of dealing with rising demand for school places while still improving educational standards across the country.

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So congratulations, Hollywood, you did it

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With two wins in three games this weekend against the Mets, the Yanks have closed back within 2 games of the first place Blue Jays entering a three-game AL East showdown beginning Monday in Toronto

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"I do not believe that this has been honoured by the authorities who have taken upon themselves the mantle of its guardians."

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World Rugby says that seeing an incident simultaneously from all broadcast angles makes for thorough and effective decision making

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Louis home and continued to devote much of his time to the game he loved

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“You can’t say, well, that was stupid

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“[It was a ship] like this

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That makes it seven dead, three boroughs, 24 hours, which is why City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo issues her own plea for the end of bloodshed in New York.

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New changes to the plan include an Atlantic Ave

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While the likes of Netflix, YouTube and Amazon now offering 4k streaming videos, some consumers may not do away with their Blu-Ray players just yet

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I don’t give a s--- who is sitting in this chair, Matt Harvey should be a guy you turn to.”

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The USGS Aviation Color Code system has roots in Alaska

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Iraq is not ours anymore; we are merely tenants."

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He stands at 176.2 innings for the season, and will make another start or two, which Collins said might be even shorter.

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He had a similar injury in Week 7 in 2010 and missed the rest of the season.

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We thought history had ended in a good way

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Personal attacks, especially on other participants, are not permitted

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Ever since I became Leader of the Council, I have ensured an open dialogue with Lee's family

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Domestically there are rumblings of discontent with government policy

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Years later, Ada made Babbage a bold proposal

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“Defense, obviously we got Darrelle (Revis) back and (Antonio) Cromartie and a defensive-minded coach (Bowles).”

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That's why there are divorces all over the place"