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In theory, the yuan's SDR inclusion would meanthe PBOC may have to relinquish some of its control over thecurrency.

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It was no accident that the building a wall to keep out Muslims stratagem came just after news about a poll that found him trailing Ted Cruz in Iowa

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French-speaking Islamic State fighters, primarily from France and Belgium, tend to live and fight together

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So don't be surprised if he's done his own polling and found that this would reinforce his support

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Let’s be clear about this, the Range Rover is not a car that you’regoing to be throwing into corners

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Wanna come” — followed by a receiver’s one-word affirmative response.

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"It’s our primary goal to improve our product quality

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The actions that Skelos took were motivated by his longstanding political beliefs, Gage said.

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The good: It’s the only division with a three-way tie for first place and with all four teams within one game of first

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Either way, it's astounding to me that these companies have failed to exercise sufficient care in the collection of their customers' personal data."

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In the previous 16 games, the Pacers had limited opponents to 96.9 points and 32.8 percent shooting on 3s

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Clad in military-style uniforms, the musicians were seen off at Pyongyang station by senior party officials and the Chinese ambassador, underlining the importance of the group's first tour abroad.

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“One need only look at the number of pairs of shoes in her closet to conclude she lives there,” said Peter Bronstein, Mr Amon’s lawyer

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“It’s been awesome,” he said

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But to see a superflare with potential to emerge from our own Sun is a first-ever milestone for researchers

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Android 6.0 also finally got official support for Bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus input

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The Genoese from Italy ruled Corsica from the 1400s-1700s, and occasionally came to blows with the local aristocracy, nationalists and the French

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Unfortunately Cameron lacks the required commitment to democracy to introduce such a vehicle.

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So was Seifeddine Rezgui, the terrorist responsible for massacring tourists on a Tunisian beach.

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shipment in more than half a year early Wednesday, receiving Christmas presents and much-needed groceries for the resident astronauts.

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The group's founder, Seifallah Ben Hassine, better known as Abu Iyadh al-Tunisi, was released along with about 300 jihadists during an amnesty period shortly after the revolution.

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One of the demonstrators outside of the council hall before Emanuel's speech said the mayor must step aside.

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The number of trips Russians made to Europe declined by 34% overall, with Greece, Spain, and Croatia suffering the worst losses

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I would imagine the percentage of contraception failure is quite low but will no doubt be used as a reason

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The SNP is more like the church of scientology than a political party.

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Since Yahoo is an operating company (unlike its stake in Alibaba), spinning off Yahoo would probably be tax-free or close to it.

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Wear it in winter with sleek ankle booties and your leather jacket and make it spring-suitable with a pair of cute heeled sandals.

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Conveniently, it turns out that the by-election only counted as a referendum on Corbyn if Labour lost Jim McMahon may well be popular in the area

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William Muir, a geneticist at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, praised the FDA's decision to approve the transgenic chickens

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He regularly walks around the office chanting "Ali knows best, Ali knows best" so I assume he's correct

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box office draw in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a period he described as "wild and wonderful."

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The leaders set up a joint committee to work on tourism,investment and energy projects

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Consumer stocks were declining today, with shares of consumerstaples companies in the S&P 500 dropping about 1.1% whileshares of consumer discretionary firms in the S&P 500 werefalling about 1.4%.

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So, I think it’s really cool, and it’s given me a gateway to help my professional golf career, and that’s really what I want to do, is just play golf, because I love it so much.

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The coffin of the pilot killed when Turkey shot down a Russian jet is carried by Turkish soldiers to a Russian aircraft on the tarmac of the Esenboga Airport in Ankara, Turkey, November 30, 2015

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The opposition ask for resignation of government

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And although declines have happened before—an economic slump means a drop in energy demand—this is the first to happen in a period of strong economic growth

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Citing the refugee and Greek economic crises, along with the Paris terror attacks, Ms Gibbs said: "Each time Merkel stepped in

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