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That's about 50 percent more than the typical rent nationwide

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The retired neurosurgeon is set to outline his health care plan for the first time on Wednesday while campaigning in Michigan

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Gray, 73, turned down a plea deal in November 2014 that called for him to plead guilty to a felony.

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Michael Read, director of Flight Operations from New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company, flies a Martin Jetpack during a demonstration at a water park in Shenzhen, China, December 6, 2015

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It should help us reduce CO2 volume by almost 85 million tons per year

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"Every meeting you go to, there is still a pot of coffee onthe table that's not espresso," said one industry banker who wasnot involved in the deal

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"Between the nutcases and terrorists and the standard, run-of-the-mill criminals, a lone female is an easy target."

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At a recent campaign rally, Trump applauded Qatar's new, at least $15 billion airport, while calling U.S

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Greek authorities said at least 12 people drowned, including six children, and 12 others were missing.

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Although growth promotion is now banned in the EU, groups of pigs and poultry continue to be frequently mass-medicated for disease prevention, even before any disease has been diagnosed

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She is interested in dissolving our familiarity with everyday objects

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"To remain a rock solid bank, Rabobank will strive to improve operating profits by 2.1 billion euros in 2020.

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Bethesda Game Studios Montreal already has a core team of more than 40 developers, spanning both console and mobile development

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However, the agency is investigating whether new cases reported in Liberia after it was declared Ebola-free in September could have originated from a survivor

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Or maybe you just really hate cleaning.

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"Both plaintiffs were able to adequately use their computers for approximately 18 months and two years, respectively."

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I’m always angry and stressed and it goes out on my children

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E-commerce is forecast to continue to grow fast, and m-commerce twice as fast for that matter, the latter poised to reach a value of $600 billion by 2018

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Today, the deep comforts are 21st-century, from soothing colours in bedrooms to the zen-inducing spa

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Penn Medicine is committed to improving lives and health through a variety of community-based programs and activities

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"Plaintiffs have failed to allege that Apple's logic boardswere unfit for their ordinary purposes or lacked a minimal levelof quality," Alsup wrote

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An engineer works on Surena 3 humanoid robot (R) next to Surena 2 robot, in a lab at Tehran University, Iran, December 6, 2015

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And this is the only way we're going to mount an effective challenge to the dominance of fossil fuels, experts say

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We have a guy that we’ve invested a lot in

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Journalists and others have been searching for years for the person or people behind Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym used by the person who created Bitcoin

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These events included the death of a close relative, marital problems, financial struggles, losing a job and problems with the pregnancy itself.

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One entire village had left their narco-threatened lands and moved to Nicaragua

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With Chelsea treading the proverbial tightrope when it comes to qualification, any slip could be dreadfully costly.

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This ongoing cat-and-mouse game is an ecological as well as a human tragedy

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Many different issues related to diet, exercise, frailty, genetic factors, and weight change could play a part," they added.

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"We expect the demand for all Sentinel data to be unprecedented

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Having flown to the continent for more of his EU talks, David Cameron missed this PMQs – which meant that, according to custom, Mr Corbyn missed it too

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Ramirez was a great third baseman and could get away with a studied coolness

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The deal still needs approval from the European Parliament and national governments

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Samsung, LG, Jide, and a plethora of third party apps and ROMs have proven that the platform is actually capable of multiple windows

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As I cycled into the office this morning, smog mask clamped firmly in place, the traffic was certainly lighter

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No surprise that Google didn't capitalize on that in the Pixel C either.

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Rabobank is the latest in a list of banks to axe thousands of jobs this year

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Analysts polled by research firm Consensus Metrix hadexpected growth of 0.3 percent.

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Strike organisers would have to wear armbands to identify themselves on pickets.

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In the army, Rubin reencountered the anti-Semitism he had hoped to leave behind in Europe

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A judge's order released on Wednesday revealed the deal and vacated a trial that was set to begin on December 15