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“Do his job,” Pettine said
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Atlassian, which sells collaboration and management software, has been profitable for the last decade and raised no venture capital to support its operations
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The Premier League is also opposing the plans, which could undermine the value of live match broadcasting rights in the UK if fans gained the right to subscribe to cheaper foreign coverage
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Picture taken from the Greek side of the border
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Anglo Americanplummeted 12 per cent after suspending dividends for the second half of 2015 and next year
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In classical ballet roles she was more ethereal-looking than the usual British physique, and her leanness and flexibility were well suited to contemporary ballets requiring all-over body tights.
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“This is a new campaign for a new century in which viral populism, most conspicuous on the GOP side, is the engine of our politics
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The seven puppies were born last July to a surrogate beagle mother
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And she remains so desperate to go to the Olympics that she has given “serious thought” to switching sports, with track cycling one option
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"As regulator, we want to recommend innovative medicines for approval that are affordable
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The 19 embryos were frozen before implantation to ensure that the surrogate mother’s reproductive cycle was perfectly timed to accept the IVF embryos
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Anglo Americanplummeted 12 per cent after suspending dividends for the second half of 2015 and next year
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With an eerie mix of beautiful well-kept homes or statelymansions and burnt-out ruins next door or just a few blocksaway, Detroit is a market like no other
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The INHA is highlighting this issue ahead of World Prematurity Day (November 17)
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and that crap is not going to work in the United States of America."
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The researchers noted that children with poorer motor competence can have problems with everyday fine and gross motor tasks such as writing, running and throwing
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They should really be passing this on to their customers instead.
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In Italy, leading daily Il Corriere della Sera dedicated onepage to six Charlie hebdo cartoons
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The Enlil model, named for the Sumerian god of the wind, is one of the primary models used to simulate the space environment near Earth and is the basis for the New Horizons simulation.
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Capital expenditure was also increased to 1.1bn, suggesting confidence in its future growth
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"If he doesn't step down, there are going to be protests again and again," said Jim Rudd, a 25-year-old coffee shop worker
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Among the questions still unanswered is why EPA's cleanup crew was seemingly caught unaware by the accident
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Ashtead has the ability to borrow another 1bn, if needed.
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On the subject of letters, Tony has been writing today
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Norway is one of the world's most prosperous nations with per capital GDP in excess of $100,000 but the fortunes of remote Lofoten, 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) north of Oslo, have been mixed
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”We need to find out whetherthere’s a failure in this marketplace—and given the incredible price spikeswe’ve seen that’s certainly a possibility,” she says
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Mayor Rahm Emanuel gave a speech Wednesday on the crisis facing police following the release of a video of Laquan McDonald's 2014 shooting
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We know 60% of the Irish public back the tax," the Foundation's Head Of Advocacy Chris Macey said.
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Prosecutors said in September that McNeil used a Tumblr account to post several dozen photographs, names and addresses of U.S
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Over 5000 people gathered to follow the Furry Fandom based on anthropomorphic animals, animated cartoon characters with human characteristics, or Furries
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The reproduction system of a female dog also prepares sperm for fertilisation, so scientists had to find a way of reproducing the effect in the lab
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In May, when Trump announced what many considered to be a foolish, unserious candidacy, Republicans decided to embrace him
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They broke in and while Sam dealt with demon guards (mostly non-fatally), Dean went after Amara
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Britain's Prince Harry plays tag rugby with development players during a training session in Durban, South Africa December 1, 2015
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They found that those who grew up around dogs were less likely to have asthma than children without dogs.
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Historians believe Suleiman's heart and internal organs were buried in the tomb and his body taken back to Constantinople, as Istanbul was then known
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For years, then, Britain has done “more with less” in defence
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"We think that the tour operators should step up and takeresponsibility
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